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2011 Winners of Vanna's Choice Yarn Contest

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Alison Grosvenor
Surrey, BC
Grand Prize: The Grand Prize winner will get an all-expenses paid trip for two to Los Angeles, California to meet Vanna White.  Trip includes round trip coach class airfare for 2 to Los Angeles, 2 nights hotel accommodations and $500 USD spending money.

Kid's Farmyard Activity Book

This is a children's activity book. There are flaps that open, buttons to undo, zips to open and things that slide along, making this a book that is interactive for babies and kids.  With the bright colors and animals it is attractive for young children.

Afghans and Throws Category

Margaret MacInnis
Cherry Grove, AB
First Place: $1,000

Zuider Zee 'Double Dutch' Double Knit Afghan

Zuider Zee 'Double Dutch' Double Delft Double Knit Afghan is a tribute to my heritage. My parents were Dutch immigrants to Canada, and our house was full of Dutch memorabilia and trinkets. Double knit, the 48" x 60" afghan is rendered in colonial blue and pure white to reflect the nature of Dutch Delft pottery. The motif of Dutch kissing girl and boy is timeless and repeated in pottery and design everywhere. Ever-present windmills, tulips, and a pair of love-birds above the carriage are bordered smartly with a gingham checkered design which mirrors the crispness of the afghan design. This afghan was designed, graphed, and double-knitted by the entrant.

Michelle Jones-Lewis
Victorville, CA

Second Place: $500

Pomegranates, Persimmons & Midnight
Project is made in 16 squares, which are then whip stitched together. Eight different patterns of flowers, made two each. All squares are crocheted using the afghan stitch, adding and dropping colors of yarn. Some outline detailing is done, using black yarn and tapestry needle. Because afghan is made in 16 squares, this project seems to move rather quickly.

Susan Kirshenbaum
Springfield, VA
Second Place: $500
Wedding Ring Afghan

Crochet afghan using the Amish double ring quilt pattern.

I used one color for the rings rather than the 3 colors which were depicted in the instruction.

Michael Ekstrand
San Jose, CA
 Second Place: $500

A baby blanket of monk's cloth. The design is done with Swedish weaving, using a bodkin, a flat "needle" with a rounded tip), to weave the yarn in and out of the 7 count threads of the monk's cloth.

I design as I weave, doing the outside border first to get the shape perfect. Then I leave a space of several inches all the way around, inside the border, and make inner borders and usually a center design.

Elaine Moresco
Staten Island, NY
Third Place: $100 Michaels Gift Card
NYC 201O Skyline

Free kintting Lion Brand Vanna's Choice NYC Skyline Afghan - Pattern
number:90115AD. I made this for my granddaughter for Christmas 2010. I added the initials NYC and the year 2010 so that she can remember when it was made long into the future. She is going to study in France and I wanted her to have something to remind her of the city she loves while she is away.

Emily Armstrong
Aiken, SC
Third Place: $100 Michaels Gift Card
Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Rows of openwork diamonds are offset by simple crossed stitches. An elegant, yet simple design to warm a cold winter's night, or to add a touch of color to any room.

Tamara Toroni
Key West, FL
Third Place: $100 Michaels Gift Card
White Lace Bedspread

Decorative crochet lace bedspread

Dorothy Warrell
Granville, OH
Third Place: $100 Michaels Gift Card
Paisley Fantasy Afghan

Baby & Kids Category

Kid's Farmyard Activity Book
(See top of page)
Surrey, BC
First Place: $1,000

Rebecca Moran
St Thomas, ON

Second Place: $500

Old MacDonald's Farm Afghan

This is a children's afghan/play mat with animals heads on one side, and animal tails on the other. The animals include: mouse, duck, chicken, sheep, goat, cow, pig, frog, owl, cat, dog and bunny. There are some embellishments (i.e. cow bell, sheep's bell, dog tag) that should be removed if small children will use it b/c of a choking hazard.

A great learning toy for children to learn the farmyard animals, or to sing Old MacDonald Had a Farm.

Measures approximately 3.5 feet x 3.5 feet square.

Yvonne Odegard
Bristow, VA

Second Place: $500

Wizard of Oz Friends

I crocheted characters from one of my favorite stories, The Wizard of Oz. The body of each of my sweet heart dolls begins with a heart shape that is very lightly stuffed making them super soft and squishable. Their features are embroidered so that there are no little pieces to possibly become a choking hazard. Glinda the good witch has little diamond sparkles embroidered into her pretty pink dress with a matching diamond crown and the daintiest little shoes. Each strand of her hair was unwound, giving it a fun curly texture. Dorothy is wearing her signature blue dress and socks with the magical ruby slippers. Both of the girls are wearing white panties under their skirts. Dorothy is accompanied by her little charcoal grey dog Toto and of course the three wonderful friends she met along her way. Scarecrow is wearing an olive green top with burgundy pants and his espresso-colored hat is trimmed in olive as well. The Tin Man is a soft silver heather with just the right touch of charcoal grey at his "seams". And, the cowardly Lion comes to life in honey with his rust colored mane and tail fur. Each doll is about 8 inches tall. Toto is about 2 inches tall.

Linda Holly
Spring Hill, KS

Second Place: $500

Little American Beauties
Matching dress and tam for child and doll in all-American colors

Mary Rich Goodwin
Pleasant Grove, UT
Third Place: $100 Michaels Gift Card
Heart Jumper Duo

Child's bright colorful jumper and matching mini sweater, knit with Vanna's Choice and Baby yarn. Three colors complement each other in a checkered, heart pattern, repeated throughout the jumper. The matching sweater, is knit from the top down, seamless, with the matching colors and designs of the jumper. The sweater has 1 button at the top and the front curves to the waist to allow the front of the jumper to show, when the sweater is worn. Jumper can be worn plain, or with the matching sweater.  Both articles are knit in one piece with no seams or sewing. The sweater is edged with a blanket stitch to create a contrasting border around the edges. The patter is original and can be adjusted to be knit smaller, size 1 or larger up to size 6.

Diana Lloyd
Canonsburg, PA
Third Place: $100 Michaels Gift Card
Stuffed Crochet Rocking Horse


Diana Eylmann
Ronkonkoma, NY
Third Place: $100 Michaels Gift Card
Giraffe Hat
Toddler/small child size earflap hat with giraffe spots and giraffe ears/horns. size H hook was used.

Marguerite Hill
Pine Plains NY
Third Place: $100 Michaels Gift Card
Just Ducky Set

The measurements were taken from the Short and Sweet Cardigan but the pattern stitch was changed using sc and dc-one row sc and the next row sc in first st and dc in next one reapeating across. Addition of a hat designed to match the cardigan and a sweet duck appliqued on the front makes up this size six month set.

Gifts & Crafts Category

Aiqi Huang
Simi Valley, CA
First Place: $1000
Christmas Chess Set

My husband and my son love to play chess. I crocheted a regular chess set for them with the colors white and black before. When I knew the contest was around Christmas, so I had an idea to make a Christmas chess set for them. I made the chess board as a blanket, even if they don't play chess, they can use it like a blanket.

Karla Fitch
Avon Lake, OH
Second Place: $500
My Nana's Tea Set

This tea set includes 19 pieces and was designed for my mother and my daughter to play tea time together. Included are:

1 tea pot and lid (the tea pot lid is removable and the tea pot is hollow)
4 tea cups
4 saucers
1 creamer
1 sugar bowl and lid (the sugar bowl lid is also removable)
1 sugar spoon
1 dessert plate
3 petit fours
1 mat

I chose to make a white tea set reminiscent of the dainty porcelain tea sets I remember reading about in fairy tale books like Alice in Wonderland.

The tea pot and sugar bowls are hollow so that my daughter and her nana can mix up their own "special pretend blends" of tea

Margaret MacInnis
Cherry Grove, AB
Second Place: $500
Alice In Wonderland Menagerie
The timeless designs of Alan Dart creatively knitted in Vanna's Choice Yarn. From the Grinning Cheshire Cat, to the Dormouse in the Teapot, the colours and intensity of Vanna's Choice yarns lend themselves beautifully to interpret characters and outfits. Alice is dressed in softest dusty blue, with crisp white pinafore, and sports ducky blonde hair. Carrying her 'Drink This' bottle, she glances at the Grinning Cheshire Cat, perched in the corner and smirking from ear to ear. Mad Hatter sports a full ensemble of checkered waistcoat, smart red jacket, white shirt, and a fabulous dotted bowtie. His olive green trousers match his 10-gallon hat, replete with ticket. The White Rabbit is decked out in his Queen of Hearts tabard, trumpet, banner, and elegant ruff. And the Dormouse has been forced into a handsome daisy Teapot, where he seems a little less sleepy than usual.

Jeanine Renfro
Madison, WI
Second Place: $500

"life sized" doll with 2 sets of costumes and accessories:

EVANGELINA: amigurumi style crocheted freeform art doll, approx 30" tall, with plastic safety eyes and plastic safety jointed hips and shoulders. she has a permanent slip with full petticoat which incorporates into her outfits, a full head (as much as weight would allow) of hairpin lace curls, and crocheted elbows and knees.

COSTUME SET #1: princess dress; princess slippers; crown; golden ball; amigurumi frog

COSTUME SET #2: red hooded cape with ribbon drawstring; flowered apron; brown t-styly mary jane shoes; broomstick lace basket (crocheted around 1/2 an embroidery hoop to hold shape at the base); 1 pink frosted amigurumi tart with plastic button eyes; 3 amigurumi oatmeal cookies with different faces and button eyes; 3 truffles with fancy plastic beads for the sprinkles on top

Corie Moon
Marysville, WA
Third Place: $100 Michaels Gift Card
Chef Puppet Play Set

My submission is a puppet caricature of my brother-in-law. He is both a Sous Chef and an avid toy collector so I thought it fitting to make a toy of him. The Chef Puppet play set is 10 pieces and is both knitted and crocheted. The puppet is 16 1/4 inches tall, 7 inches wide, and the arm span, from finger tip to finger tip across the chest, is 21 inches. The puppet has some interactive features, the kitchen utensils that Chef holds in his hands are interchangeable, with Velcro, and when you press the top center of his hat he speaks. Additional accessories, aside from the puppet itself, include a pen, meat thermometer, spoon, whisk, bowl, knife, cocktail shaker cup, tongs, and a hat. Inside the hat is a pocket containing a voice recorder button that is re-recordable, so the user can take the recorder out and change the message at anytime.

Joey Lo
Richmond BC
Third Place: $100 Michaels Gift Card
Strawberry Clock Hamster Garden

Strawberry Clock Hamster Garden is a crocheted table clock, where the clock is wrapped inside a small, pink house that is topped with a giant, round, upside-down strawberry. The clock house is home for two small hamsters called Misty (purple hamster on the left with a striped back) and Toffee (white hamster on the right with a brown birth mark).

Andrea Mumby
Ottawa ON
Third Place: $100 Michaels Gift Card
Pirate's Treasure
Pirates Treasure is a board game for 5 and up.
Pirate's Treasure is a game where you sail your boat around the map. When you reach a dig site (X) you choose a chest. If there are no chests available in the center you may take one from an opponent. The goal is to either collect a chest from each color or all of your own color. There are 4 chests for each color which match the sail colors of the boats. Once you have collected the chests you race home to win.

Kathy Pulley
hendersonville, NC
Third Place: $100 Michaels Gift Card
Scenic Laptop Bag

Worked in TUNISIAN single-crochet with a DOUBLE-ENDED CROCHET HOOK in one continuous round. Cross-stitch designs added.

Fashion Category

Amy Dulac
Deltona FL
First Place: $1,000
Vanna's Silver Ribbons
Short dress with flare lace shell skirt. Close weave top with platinum silver trim on neck and flare bell sleeves. All brought together with satin platinum ribbon

Mary Rich Goodwin
Pleasant Grove, UT

Second Place: $500

Stained Glass Cardigan

This cardigan was knit from the top down with a variety of colors bordered with dark and lighter shades of brown for a windowpane effect, or stained glass look. The greens, oranges and purples are a contrast to the dark or light lines between the panels. The sweater was knit interchanging the colors. Slipped stitches were also used to change colors. The cardigan zips up the front.  It is a thick, warm sweater/jacket. It is knit in a stockinette stitch, knit in one piece with no seams to sew when the sweater is knit.

Yasia Sorbo
Staten Island, NY

Second Place: $500

Lace Wrap
I liked the pattern for the lace square I had in one of the books I bough long ago and used it to make a wrap. I embellished the end row with beads which was a bit challenging at first but came out gorgeous and compliments the sparkle in the yarn. it looks so classy and elegant and can be used as a scarf as well.

Sherri Hondorp
Poughquag, NY

Second Place: $500

Ruffled Wrap Vest

Cropped, wrap vest.

Self tie outside, buttons inside.

Began with crocheted base using charcoal in a basic open stitch. Then embellished using glamour yarn with a random ruffle stitch to create border detail.

Jessika Ava
Albuquerque, NM
Third Place: $100 Michaels Gift Card
Eve Cardigan

Military-inspired cardigan knitted seamlessly in the round.

Lana Smith
Independence, KY
Third Place: $100 Michaels Gift Card
Men's Raglan Sweater

This project was inspired by Irish Aran sweaters. Although originally they are made from homemade wool yarn or rove, the Vanna’s Choice yarn in Wheat color seems to be just perfect for this project. It's incredibly soft, light and warm. This is my Christmas gift for my 23 y.o. son.

Elfriede Bor
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Third Place: $100 Michaels Gift Card
Fancy Evening Cardigan

Original diamond flower design - five pieces; beaded back, two beaded fronts, beaded sleeves. Approx 150 crafting beads knitted into the pieces. Hand assembled using Vanna's Glamour Platinum. Made this for my daughter to wear on formal night on our cruise last December. Additional detailed pattern instructions available on request.

Lori Smith
Klamath Falls, OR
Third Place: $100 Michaels Gift Card
Cable Box Stitch Shrug

Ribbing forms the bottom and shawl collar of shrug using an allover cable box stitch pattern. Ribbing also forms mid-length sleeves.

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